The renown arts and culture celebration in Chile and Latin America, Santiago a Mil International Festival, will once again present productions, both in-person and digitally, throughout the whole country between January 3rd and 23rd, 2022.

As it has been done in previous years, the Valparaíso region will once again be the stage for great exponents of the performing arts, thanks to a new version of Valpo a Mil. In addition to several regional theater and dance shows -selected by a local jury of artists-, the play Ko, los Senderos del Agua (Ko, the Paths of Water), will be presented. Admission is free. The piece by Colectivo Chasky is part of the Creative Territories program. It merges languages such as performance, dance, sound art, music, visual arts and installation in a multisensorial journey that addresses the water crisis in the basins of La Ligua and Petorca river.