A collaborative work model forms the basis for our management style. Alliances with public and private institutions reflect different sectors’ commitment to Chile’s cultural development and their willingness to take a chance on projects with a broad scope and that are innovative and attract different audiences.


We work closely with venues and cultural centers throughout Chile. Collaboration with these places is essential to make local listings more dynamic and increase the opportunities and scope of the work of different companies and creators, so they can reach new audiences.

Aldea del encuentro

Anfiteatro de Bellas Artes

Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral

Centro Cultural Matucana 100

Centro de Cine y Creación

Centro MORI

Centro NAVE

Parque Cultural de Valparaíso

Sala Agustín Siré

Teatro Biobío

Teatro Camilo Henríquez

Teatro Camino

Teatro del Puente

Teatro Finis Terrae

Teatro Ictus

Teatro La Memoria

Teatro Municipal de Las Condes

Teatro Municipal de Santiago

Teatro Nacional Chileno

Teatro Sidarte

Teatro UC

Teatro Universidad de Chile


Collaboration with the media is essential for us to reach both the general public and more specific audiences. Alliances with different teams of journalists are one of the main ways of promoting our projects’ content.

Diario El Mercurio


Radio Bio-Bio

Televisión Nacional de Chile


Working with international bodies is essential to encourage artistic creation and exchange. With this aim in mind, we have established ongoing alliances with prestigious bilateral institutions such as the Goethe Institute, the French Institute, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Cultural Center of Spain and the British Council.

British Council

Goethe Institute

Instituto Francés

Instituto Italiano de Cultura