We create content and products to help make the multiple different sides to the performing arts in Chile visible, as a way of attracting, mediating between and creating direct links to our audiences.

Given today’s world and the new practices associated with and ways of connecting to people, we’re always looking for opportunities to approach, converse with and establish links to audiences through pieces that connect with and create interest in the local performing arts.

Through a comprehensive communications system, the Press & Publicity Department aims to position the different projects, coproductions and artists we represent in both the Chilean and international media.

In addition, through our diverse digital and audiovisual content, we provide an opportunity to broadcast and reflect on Chilean and Latin American performing arts. Along these lines, the Teatroamil.tv digital platform and its audiovisual content aims to recover archives for public use that are either of great historical significance, educational or connected to memory. It is also a format that has allowed us to update how we connect to and mediate people’s experience of the performing arts.