Compañía Teatro y su Doble
Dirección Aline Kuppenheim

Country: Chile
Discipline: Puppet theater
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended for: +5

Starring specially created puppets, Chilean company Teatro y su Doble brings this famous symphonic poem by Russian composer Serguéi Prokófiev to the stage. Pedro y el lobo tells the story of Peter, a boy who disobeys his grandfather and goes into the woods, despite the danger he might face from the mighty wolf who strikes fear into everyone. With the help of his friend the bird, he manages to overpower and catch the wolf, coming to understand both his and the wolf’s place in the world.

Pedro y el lobo is the fourth creation by Teatro y su Doble - after El capote (2007), Sobre la cuerda floja (2012) and Feos (2015) - and is a Teatro a Mil Foundation coproduction, premiered as part of the Teatro Hoy season.


Teatro y su Doble Was formed in 2005 as the Milagros Theater to experiment with and create new theatrical styles and different theatrical tools. They used puppets from the very beginning, with these eventually becoming their tool of choice instead of actors. The puppeteer replaces the actor and is an invisible presence at the ...


Aline Kuppenheim


Written by: Serguéi Prokófiev | Company: Teatro y su Doble | Director and general designer: Aline Kuppenheim | Cast and puppeteers: Loreto Moya, Ignacio Mancilla, Catalina Bize, Ricardo Parraguez and Camila Vega | Producer: Loreto Moya | Illustrations: Daniel Blanco | Photographs: Elio Frugone | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation.


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