Compañía Teatrocinema

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater
Length: 45 minutes
Recommended for: All audiences

Two sisters, in the autumn of their lives, recall when their grandmother told them stories. They dance and sing happily, under a grapevine in time for harvest, and, amidst the rhymes and smells of old, they become mysteriously immersed in a wetland, surrounded by reeds, the home of Pato Patito.

Excluded for being different, this duckling will go on hard and exciting adventures, alternating between life and death.

However, these funny elderly ladies accompany him and narrate this intimate journey, which the protagonist needs to find himself.


Teatrocinema One of the iconic companies in the Chilean theater scene. Its origins can be traced back to the 1980s, and the birth of La Troppa company, which created unforgettable works, such as Gemelos and Pinocchio. In 2005, two of its members, Laura Pizarro and Zagal, re-established the company under the ...


Teatrocinema Script: Francisca Castillo, Laura Pizarro and Juan Carlos Zagal | General Direction: Juan Carlos Zagal | Cast: Laura Pizarro and Francisca Castillo | Original Music: Juan Carlos Zagal | Songs: Francisca Castillo | Art Direction: Laura Pizarro and Montserrat Antileo A. | Multimedia Direction: Teatrocinema | Technical Direction: Luis Alcaide | Storyboard: Vittorio Meschi | Illustrations: Raquel Echeñique | Animation: Sebastián Pinto and Francisco Jullian | Postproduction: Sebastián Pinto and Francisco Jullian | Multimedia Programming: Mirko Petrovich | Lighting Design and Operation: Luis Alcaide | Soundtrack Design and Operation: Juan Ignacio Morales | Video Operator: Lucio González | Prop Design and Construction: Montserrat Antileo A. | Costume Design: Montserrat Antileo A. | General Production: Teatrocinema | Audiovisual Record of the play: Teatrocinema


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