Dirección Andrés del Bosque
Dramaturgia Francisco Sánchez
Compañía Tryo Teatro Banda

Country: Chile
Discipline: Theater
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Recommended for: +13
Language: Spanish

¡Parlamento! it is a call to parley, born from the need to tell the historical episode of Quilín Parliament, where in 1641 thousands of Mapuche and Spaniards gathered to discuss and reach a peace deal in the War of Arauco. With guns of juggling (music, pantomimes, objects, etc.) and in the context of a country that increasingly makes less conversation, a single actor on stage offers us to remember the importance of conversation as the only way to live and share the world.


Andrés del Bosque is a director, playwright, actor and theater educator. He was a disciple of the master Enrique Buenaventura in the Teatro Experimental de Cali in Colombia. He specializes in research on the contributions of the theatrical clown, in which he had based his doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia, Spain. ...


Francisco Sánchez An actor, musician, director, playwright and theater researcher, he’s the founder and director of Tryo Teatro Banda, with whom he has put on more than a dozen plays in Chile and abroad. His focus has been on developing a type of musical theater that brings back the art of the ...


Tryo Teatro Banda Founded in 2000, Tryo Teatro Banda is an independent traveling theater company dedicated to using topics related to Chile and combining acting, literature and live music. With the premiere of Cautiverio felis (sic) in 2005, they embarked on a journey to bring back the art of the old troubadours and ...


Playwright: Francisco Sánchez | Actor and Musician: Francisco Sánchez | Director: Andrés del Bosque | Assitant Director: José Araya | Integral: Design Gabriela González | Lighting: Tomás Urra | Sound: Mauricio Molina | Graphics: Liza Retamal | Production: Carolina González


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