Compañía OANI Teatro

Country: Chile
Discipline: Lambe Lambe animated theater
Duration: 3 minutes and 30 seconds
Recommended for: +8
Language: Spanish

This high-definition visual journey plays on the contrast between an actual puppet and multimedia projections. A step beyond the immersive experience of Lambe Lambe boxes, it’s a play about the solitude and isolation of a woman in confinement because of the worldwide sanitary crisis. It’s a journey through her emotions and experiences, and her feeling that she’s lost everything while this streak of bad luck lasts, as names, faces and words all drain from her mind. It’s also about the amazement she feels when she realizes that she doesn’t know herself at all. This feeling is shared by an isolated human race that has now had to find itself in others.


OANI Teatro Created in 1998, this company spent its first five years in Brazil and another year in Australia. To date, its members have created 21 productions and taken part in more than 60 national and international festivals. Since 2007, the company has been based in Valparaíso and, in 2014, it set ...


Written by: the OANI de Teatro Foundation | Actors-animators: José Manuel Moraga and Camila Landon | Technical and multimedia director: Kevin Morizur | Illustrations: Danila Lou Ilabaca | Puppeteer: Eduardo Jiménez C. | Original score: Andrés Landon | Lambe Lambe box and workings: Panxo Jiménez | Set design: OANI Teatro and Marcelo Pérez | Lighting: Juan Torres