Dirección Álvaro Díaz y Pedro Peirano
El programa 31 Minutos

Country: Chile
Discipline: Puppet theater
Duration: 55 min.
Recommended for: +6
Language: Spanish with subtitles in English and Chinese

To pay off his gambling debts, bad-tempered Mr, Monster forces Juan Carlos Bodoque to put on a production of his favorite play, Romeo y Julieta by William Shakespeare within five years. During this time, Bodoque does not lift a finger and Mr. Monster, who comes back ready to see an impressive production, does not for one moment imagine that things are exactly as he left them. Desperate, Bodoque calls on his friends from 31 minutos to help him get out of this mess. Together with the well-known cast of 31 minutos, he begins to improvise a live version of the classic, with a choir of jongleurs singing songs between acts to help explain this complicated tragedy. In 31 minutos: Romeo y Julieta , the characters of the popular children’s series perform an extremely loose interpretation of the Shakespearean classic, infuriating scholars and confusing the ignorant.


Álvaro Díaz y Pedro Peirano This creative duo has turned out multiple projects, including the TV programs Plan Z, El factor humano and 31 Minutos; the feature film 31 Minutos, la película (2008) and the documentary Los dibujos de Bruno Kulczewski (2004). Álvaro Díaz has also directed the series Miratú, Las vacaciones de Tulio and ...


31 Minutos 31 Minutos is a children’s show starring puppets that was created by the Aplaplac production company. It started as a parody of a news show and was a milestone in Chile’s production of children’s programs, a huge success for all of the four seasons it aired. Its albums were also ...



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