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JULY 2019


Dirección:Manuela Infante


Estado Vegetal is a polyphonic, expansive, exuberant, reiterative, divisible and sessile monologue, starring a woman but not an individual: she is a multitude, a crowd. This is not an animal-based play, but a plant-based one.

Using the revolutionary train of thought of plant philosophers such as Michael Marder and of ...


30 July 2019

Italia, Venecia

Bienal de Venecia



Dirección:Trinidad González


Harsh, humorous and sweet, Carnaval is a journey involving the stories of different children from all over the world who have survived situations that were brutal, violent and unjust. Told innocently but with the incredible resilience and directness of children, these stories reveal experiences and emotions that are part of ...


15 August 2019

18 August 2019


Dirección:Guillermo Calderón


The Dragón group meets up once in a while at a restaurant on the Plaza Italia to decide upon and plan their next artistic installation. This time though, they’ve chosen such a complex topic that they’re embroiled in something terrible that's in the process of destroying them. The ...


15 August 2019

16 August 2019

17 August 2019