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A Story of Bees

By Ñeque Teatral


  • Spanish
  • 40 minutes
  • + 14 years

The story of an encounter between an insect and a human being, which will irreversibly change both of their lives.

The play tells the story of a queen bee who, as a result of the toxicity of pesticides, has lost her memory and no longer knows how to return to her hive. In her attempt to find her way home she meets an actor dressed as a bee. The actor, faced with a complex work situation, has agreed to become a honey promoter. Moved by the bee's desperation, he sets out on a journey with the insect to make her return home. However, throughout the journey, he will find much more than just a beehive.

Una Historia de Abejas is the story of an encounter between an insect and a human being that will irreversibly change both of their lives.

Cast and crew

Original Idea: Ñeque Teatral | Artistic Director: José Araya | Dramaturges: Ximena Carrera and Pablo Obreque | General Producer: Lindsay Cárdenas | Actor and Musician: Pablo Obreque | Integral Designer: Carola Sandoval | Graphic Designer: Liza Retamal | Technical Director: Leonardo Troppa | Scientific Collaborators: Carolina Muñoz and Fundación Chilena de Astronomía

©Karen Carreño

Jose Araya


José Araya is an actor and director who has worked with the Ecuadorian companies Tryo Teatro Banda, Ñeque Teatral and Círculo. He has studies in the fields of neuro-learning and applied neurodiversity. Since 2012 he has been implementing the annual workshop “Ecosistema Creativo” in educational establishments throughout the country. He is part of the teaching team of the program Acciona by the Chilean Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP), Festival Internacional Teatro a Mil (FITAM) and the Liceo Experimental Artístico de Santiago.

©Carlos Valverde

Pablo Obreque

The Art Director

Pablo Obreque is an actor, musician and audiovisual communicator with over 20 years of artistic experience. He is currently the creative director of the company Ñeque Teatral, that bases its work on mixing theater, music, science and ancestral topics. Regarding the pedagogical area, he has conducted laboratories and workshops related to sound exploration and creativity.

©Rafael Arenas

Ximena Carrera


Ximena Carrera is an actress, dramaturge, scriptwriter and teacher. As an actress, she has participated in plays such as El Auriga Tristán Cardenilla, Antes de la Lluvia, Grita and El Efecto. Some other plays of hers include Café, Naturaleza Muerta, Medusa, Lucía, Greta and Jemmy Button. She teaches dramaturgy at Universidad Diego Portales and Universidad Finis Terrae in Santiago.

Ñeque Teatral

The company

Ñeque Teatral was formed in 2012 as the result of an encounter between individuals with the shared desire to develop creative theatrical and musical languages. Their topics of interest combine art, pedagogy, science and ancestral topics. This group of actors-musicians with long experience in bands and theater companies, based between Pucón and Temuco, has since then participated in theater festivals and toured the country with educational purposes. They collaborate with schools and have innovated using pedagogical booklets as material of artistic mediation for their shows.

—Because Ñeque Teatral has a long trajectory mixing theater, music, science and ancestral elements. It carries out relevant educational work with audiences and creates pedagogical booklets as artistic mediation tools.

—Because the play allows us to learn more about the role of bees in the life of the planet. The dramaturgy was developed from an ecological, scientific, territorial and personal point of view, after a period of research on bees.

-Visit the creator’s work on www.neque.cl

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January 20th, Pucón | 21st and 22nd, Villarrica