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By Plataforma Mono featuring Carolina Bravo


  • 50 minutes
  • Todo público

A play that explores how vulnerable we feel while what has been our world until now seems to fall apart.

Oasis is a dance piece that throws 11 people into an abstraction of war, into a biography of chaos. Their bodies weave into the becoming of human stories: unlived memories of Hiroshima, Vietnam, Wallmapu and Santiago de Chile. The herd of bodies evokes collapse, uncertainty and violence. In the face of the vulnerability caused by chaos, they manage to build an oasis for themselves, where all the tiredness and pain is healed and cleansed, where the herd meets, leans on one another, desires and dreams. The play explores how vulnerable we feel while what has been our world seems to fall apart.

Cast and crew

Direction/Choreography: Carolina Bravo | Research/Performance: Plataforma MONO, José Tomás Torres, Daniela Yáñez, Ninoska Soto, Pepo Urrea Silva, Jorge Olivera, Andrés Salas, Francisca Lillo, Javier Muñoz, Benjamín Marchant, Daniela Guajardo, Alicia Pizarro | Lighting Design and Operation: Nicolás Jofré | Sound and Production: Benjamín Del Río | Costume Consultant: Tatiana Pimentel | Audiovisual Recording and Production: Juan Pablo Garretón | Photography: Josefina Pérez Miranda | Production and Communications: Pepo Urrea Silva | Co-Production: Plataforma MONO

Carolina Bravo


Scholar of improvisation in dance

Carolina was trained at the Centro de Danza Espiral-UAHC, directed by Patricio Bunster and Joan Turner. Her work as a choreographer has been presented in different cities, festivals and theaters throughout Chile, Cuba, Ecuador and Argentina, and she also has been invited to create for companies such as the National Chilean Ballet. Carolina was the choreographer for the opening of the ODESUR Games 2014. As a dance teacher, she investigates the practice of improvisation in multiple contexts. She used to be an outstanding performer in the Chilean National Ballet, dancing for Gigi Caciuleanu, Mauricio Wainrot, Oscar Araiz, Terry Malandain, James Cousins, Caroline Finn, Idan Shadabi, Kaori Ito, Thomas Noon, Anabelle Lopez-Ochoa, Ihsan Rustem, among others. As a performer and creator, she collaborated with the Chilean independent scene, either in personal projects or with Francisco Bagnara, Pablo Zamorano, Natalia Sabat, Marisol Vargas, Marcela Ortiz de Zárate, Colectivo La Vitrina, Compañía Movimiento and Compañía Espiral, among others. She received several nominations for the Altazor Award for National Arts, for the Best Dancer category, in 2004, 2007, which she won, and 2014. In the category Best Choreographer, she had a nomination in 2012 for El color del cuerpo. She was nominated in 2016 for the Nimiku Awards for her show Pedrito y el lobo, esta es nuestra historia.

Plataforma Mono


Creación colaborativa

-Check out Plataforma Mono's YouTube channel to learn more about Carolina’s work.



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Este espectáculo ya fue realizado.