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Mi cuerpo celeste, un concierto en el cosmos

By Malamute Teatro | Directed by Omar Morán


  • Spanish
  • 50 minutes
  • + 6 years

A little girl who has lost her mother tries to contact her through the stars.

A curious little girl, Cielo, lost her mother as a toddler but still hopes to be able to communicate with her. Clara, a friend of the family from somewhere unknown, ‘appears’ to be able to channel different kinds of information about music and the universe. Clara encourages and challenges Cielo to go on a journey to the stars, with the aim of piquing her interest in integrated learning (science and the arts) to provide answers to her questions. On her journey, Cielo unexpectedly manages to reconnect with the spirit of her mother.

Cast and crew

Astronomy consultant: José Gallardo Narbona | Performers: Isidora Khamis Pincheira and Manuela Oyarzún Grau | Visual designers and animation: Juan Carlos Vidal, Rodrigo Morel | Lighting designer: Julio Escobar | Choreography: Gonzalo Beltrán | Costume designer: Arturo Varas Quinteros | Make-up and wigs: Franklin Sepúlveda Farías | Staging assistant: Eduardo Fuenzalida | General producer: Malamute Teatro | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation.

Omar Morán


A steady career in theater, film and TV

This actor and theater graduated in Arts from the Arcis University. He has taught acting at several different theater schools in Chile (at the Universidad Mayor, University of Valparaíso, the Playa Ancha University, the Arcis University, UNIACC and the ARCOS Professional Institute). As an actor, he has worked on different productions with award-winning director Ramón Griffero, such as Prometeo, el origen and La iguana de Alessandra, also collaborating with him in film and television. As a director, he has brought pieces by renowned contemporary playwrights to the stage, such as Patas de Gallo, El Reformador del Mundo, El Presidente and Molly Sweeney. He lived in Europe until 2021, where he studied theatrical arts, education and culture.

Alejandro Miranda Raposo


More than 170 musical creations for theater

This teacher, musician and musicologist has musically composed and produced more than 170 professional theater plays in Chile and abroad, as well as working as an audiovisual musician for different film and television productions. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at different universities and arts academies and currently works as Director of Music at the Arts College in Maipú.

Manuela Oyarzún


The face behind important theater projects

This director, playwright, teacher and theater and movie actress founded El Hijo, putting on the plays La mujer gallina and Sala de urgencias. She has acted in important plays by directors such as Andrés Pérez, Ramón Griffero, Fernando González and Rodrigo Pérez. She has also been behind a dozen theater projects. She headed up the Musical Theater Performers degree at the Projazz Professional Institute until 2018. She is a playwright for the family-orientated musical theater project Malamute and is a member of the musical performance band Lágrimas, Celos y Dudas. During her career, she has acted in renowned theater productions and musicals and in film and television.

Malamute Teatro

The company

An emphasis on musical theater for all the family

This group was formed in 2019 to make certain issues and content from early childhood visible. It is made up of Manuela Oyarzún (playwright), Alejandro Miranda (composer), Omar Morán (theater director) and Isidora Khamis (producer). They also play other roles inside the company, since it is set up as a society to bring together artists and people from different disciplines to develop different projects. Aimed at encouraging learning and critical reflection among children and their families, the company creates tools and complementary activities to help popularize the content and values they deal with in their plays.

-Its content is specially designed for children (although it can be enjoyed by the whole family), exploring topics that are related to science in education, brought together through different artistic mediums (songs, audiovisuals, music, theater) into a single integrated piece. The solar system and its characteristics, birth, the evolution and death of stars, the mystery of black holes, and how light travels are some of the topics it deals with, as well as the importance of valuing our land as our planet’s natural laboratory, where we can stargaze and carry out scientific research. The play also intends to highlight emotional ties as the driving force behind learning and human development.

-Its hybrid format places it somewhere between a play and a musical. It blurs the lines between disciplines and goes beyond the definition of conventional musical theater, preferring a live theatrical concert format instead. Its novel script involved a high level of scientific research to create the words and dialogue, framed by an expansive auditory experience and musical score. It also references pop music and videos through the play’s characters. The set, costume, and lighting design meticulously deal with and frame the narrative with its visual projections of the universe, creating a calculated dialogue between art, music, and science.

Theatrical concert: This is defined as a show where poems, a recital or texts that are not necessarily dramatic intervene between the music, as opposed to what happens in an opera or musical.


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