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Directed by Horacio Videla | A production by Teatroonirus


  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
  • Todo público

This piece turns Las Bienaventuranzas - a street theater piece by Andrés Pérez that pays tribute to this social figure, actor, director, playwright and choreographer - inside out. It revisits the original version - part of Chilean street theater history - with leading actor Rodolfo Pulgar.

This creation by director Horacio Videla is a tribute to the incomparable Andrés Pérez and his outstanding work in street theater, turning his play Las Bienaventuranzas - a street theater piece originally put on in 1983 – inside out. Teatroonirus and Rodolfo Pulgar - who performed in the original version - take us on a journey where the theater of old converses with the country as it is today.

This show is heavily based on bodily movements, with music written by outstanding Chilean composer Ángela Acuña and played live with percussionist Alejandro Soto. Blending street theater with a documentary style, the piece’s variety draws the audience into a dialogue between the then and now.

Cast and crew

Written and directed by: Horacio Videla Montero| Performed by: Rodolfo Pulgar, Catalina Vasquéz, Cristóbal Goldsack, Diego Varas, Eduardo Baeza, Evelyn Melo, Valentina Catalán, Javier Slavic and German Diaz | Musical score: Ángela Acuña |Musicians: Angela Acuña and Alejandro Soto | Set, costume and lighting design: Nuri Nuñez |Sound technician: Diego Elgueta |Produced by: Maura Aranda |Coproduced by the Teatro a Mil Foundation.

Horacio Videla

Original idea, playwright and director

This theater director’s career has spanned many years and he has directed more than 40 professional theater shows, both at indoor venues and in public. Among his most outstanding pieces are El Sueño de Clara, Gea-una Oda a la naturaleza, Tito Andrónico, Alicia tras el espejo, El país de Jauja and Tito Andrónico un Shakespeare en espacio público.
He recently won a national Fondart culture and arts development grant to put on Coriolano 2073, a play that is currently in production.


The company

Created in 2007, this group has dedicated itself to researching different forms of expression for both theater venues and unconventional spaces. Teatroonirus’ work is focused on actors’ bodily movements and interventions in public. To date, the company has premiered 20 pieces, as well as carrying out numerous artistic interventions and touring its plays throughout Chile.


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