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La Nueva Imperial, concierto de verano

By La Nueva Imperial | A production of La Nueva Imperial & Cuti Aste


  • Spanish
  • 90 minutes

Summer concert featuring the quintet La Nueva Imperial, along with national musician and producer Cuti Aste and other guest artists.

A concert by the quintet from the Santiago’s Quinta Normal, La Nueva Imperial. A revision of their best repertoire with outstanding Chilean artists, such as the musician and producer Cuti Aste, member of the ensembles Los Tres and La Regia Orquesta; the vocalist of Santaferia Pollo González; and the singer-songwriter and folklorist Catalina Rojas; among others.

Along with these great guests, the concert will also be a tribute to the 100th birthday of Roberto Parra, a great musical mentor and influential figure for many of the artists participating in this event.

Cast and crew

Lead Vocals and Guitar: Sebastián Vásquez | Double Bass and Vocals: Lalo Vásquez | Violin and Guitar: Diego Galdames | Percussion: Camilo Morales | Guests: Cuti Aste (accordion and keyboards), Nathalie Peña (floor percussion), Olga Carrasco (chinchin), Pollo González (vocals), Catalina Rojas (vocals and Chilean drum “tormento”). | Artistic Direction: Cuti Aste

La Nueva Imperial

The Band

The band performing mostly foxtrot, boleros and “huachaca” (native) jazz was founded in Quinta Normal, in 2013., La Nueva Imperial has two studio registrations to date: a homonymous EP released in 2015, and an LP titled Postales, released in 2017. In 2019, La Nueva Imperial won the first prize in the Premio Revelación contest with its single Volemos Juntos. This recognition gave them the possibility to record with Barry Sage, a music producer who has worked with bands such as The Rolling Stones and New Order. At the beginning of 2022, La Nueva Imperial will release their new album titled Brujo de los Andes.


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