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La ciudad del futuro

By LASTESIS and Delight Lab


  • Spanish
  • 60 minutos
  • + 12 years

LASTESIS and Delight Lab – two artistic groups whose discourse and interdisciplinary pieces in public areas are an inspiration to others - come together in a creation that calls on us to collectively reconsider the urban experience of the future.

Games and a group experience take over a public space to answer the question about how we imagine the city of the future. The aim of this piece is to rethink urban and political organization collaboratively and from a feminist perspective, in the midst of the changes we are going through as a country.

This is the most recent work of the LASTESIS group and Delight Lab and aims to create a new understanding of how we construct and inhabit public areas.

La ciudad del futuro is a Teatro a Mil Foundation coproduction and will be premiered at the 2022 Santiago a Mil Festival in the main squares of Santiago, Ñuñoa and Valparaíso.

Cast and crew

LASTESIS group: Sibila Sotomayor, Daffne Valdés and Paula Cometa Stange | Delight Lab: Andrea Gana and Octavio Gana | Producer: Manuel Díaz


This artistic interdisciplinary feminist group from Valparaíso was founded by Daffne Valdés Vargas, Paula Cometa Stange, Lea Cáceres Díaz and Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem. They have become famous worldwide for making feminist theories and demands known through their performances and video performances, combining the performing arts, sounds, graphics and textiles with history, philosophy and the social sciences.

The group has taken part in different festivals and performed at museums, universities, fairs, congresses and feminist events in America and Europe. They have also won awards and recognition, such as the Jaime Castillo Velasco Award from the Chilean Human Rights Commission (2020) and were featured on TIME Magazine’s The 2020 TIME100 list of the world's most influential people.

Delight Lab

Made up of visual and sound artist Andrea Gana and artist, designer and poet Octavio Gana, the work of this audiovisual design and experimentation studio is based on lighting, video, space and sound. They have taken part in biennales, events, art residencies and international festivals, with their participation in The Circle of Light Moscow particularly standing out, where they won the People’s Award for Ritual Hain. Their interventions related to social and environmental issues have been well-documented, as well as their projections supporting the social movement in Chile since October 2019 and the ‘Zona de Sacrificio’ projection on the Ventanas thermoelectric plant. They have also developed projects with Mapuche communities to preserve their sacred rivers and spiritual culture.


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