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Ko, the paths of water

By Colectivo Chasky


  • Spanish
  • 30 minutes of performance in an installation. The spectator can stay longer in the installation once the performance is over.
  • Todo público

A tour full of sound and visual impressions that addresses the water crisis in the basins of the Ligua and Petorca rivers.

Ko, los Senderos del Agua -"ko" means water in Mapudungun- is a critical reflection on the environmental conflicts that occur in various territories of the country. It focuses specifically on the Province of Petorca in the Valparaíso region, reflecting on the water crisis in the basins of the Ligua and Petorca rivers. The initiative partially emerges because of the intensive use of water by the productive sectors located in the area.

In Ko, los Senderos del Agua, different languages merge, such as performance, dance, sound art, music, visual arts and installation. The play will be performed in the midst of an installation at the La Ligua Museum, where the Chasky Collective will intervene the exhibition spaces. The spectators will go on a sensory and immersive tour that appeals to their emotions.

The sound and visual route, in an installation format, will be presented for a month and will be accompanied by three interventions (live audiovisual concerts) by Colectivo Chasky.

Cast and crew

By Colectivo Chasky | Performers: Carola Abarzúa and Elena Lucas | Musical Composers and Performers: Carlos Soutullo, Robinson Garrido and Juan Fernández | Sound Design and Installation: Juan Fernández | Integral Design, Production, Video Projections and Installation: Álvaro Pavez

Colectivo Chasky

The Collective

Since its beginnings in 2010, Colectivo Chasky has been conceived as an experimental laboratory of sound and visual images. The group carries out transdisciplinary, collective artistic research, based on the residency processes in territories with a huge pre-Columbian and mestizo heritage in the Southern hemisphere. The collective uses new codes that unite art with proposals that involve other study areas, such as visual anthropology, science and technology.

The collective's work covers topics such as the communities' right to water, and respect for native cultures and their ritualistic expressions, among others. An example of this is the “Bailes Chinos”, ancient rituals that still survive in central Chile.

Colectivo Chasky uses new media, and their creations are presented in different formats depending on the territories, contexts and places they visit. They are currently developing collaborative art residencies in different communities in Chile.

—Because the play visualizes the issue of the water crisis in the basins of the Ligua and Petorca rivers, in the central region of Chile, around Valparaíso.

—Because Ko, los Senderos del Agua brings together a diversity of languages such as performance, dance, sound art, music, visual arts and installations.

—Visit the company's work at www.colectivochasky.cl



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