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Grisú (esta obra no está terminada)

Loosely based on the play Grisú by Heine Mix Toro and Teatro Minas del Carbón | Directed by David Arancibia Urzúa | A Dramaturgia Clandestina production


  • Spanish
  • 50 minutes
  • + 12 years

This adaptation blends theater and cinema in a piece that aims to highlight the correlation between theater and what is going on in society.

Based on the play Grisú (1972) by Teatro Minas del Carbón and Heine Mix Toro, this creation called Grisú (esta obra no está terminada) was initially conceived as a ‘rehearsal’ of the play when the actors and actresses faced the impossible task of performing during a pandemic that left both seats and venues empty. Through its ‘unfinished esthetic’ though, this creation has come to provide a moment of intimacy between the audience and the actors. Set in the present day, the play involves a script that is a testimony to the theater that came before the dictatorship in Chile, becoming an opportunity to reflect and remember the country’s social struggles and history. Setting itself up as a multidisciplinary piece of theatrical recovery and research, it offers an updated, documentary-style take on the script, enhanced by the archives, documents and images that are projected onto the stage using mapping and that encourage a dialogue between theater and cinema.

Cast and crew

Cast: Verónica Neira Alcavil, Valentina Durán, Juan Pablo Hernández, Marco Camus Pincheira, Raul Pizarro Enriquez | Testimony: Rolando Alveal | Set design: Juan Ríos Molina, David Arancibia Urzúa | Lighting: Juan Ríos Molina, Marta Fernández Puentes | Sound: Gabriel Alegría | Technical operator: Diego Flores | Voice training: Francisco Carvajal - Biobio Vocal Lan | Chiflón del Diablo mine audiovisual sound: Pablo Valenzuela Jaccard | Chiflón del Diablo mine audiovisual cameras: Jorge Espinoza Lagos, Juan Pablo Jofré | Lota - Coronel - Schwager cameras: Carlos Silva Urtisa | Heine Mix house cameras: David Arancibia Urzúa| Photography: Trewa Lota house archives. ‘LotAndorra’ visual research: Roberto Morore, Pablo Rocu | Audiovisual support: Memoria Fílimca Pencopolitana | Projections and mapping: Juan Ríos Molina | Audiovisual director: Carlos Silva Urtisa | Written by: Heine Mix Toro - Teatro Minas del Carbón | Research consultants: Sebastián Paredes, Juan Carlos Painequeo, Juan Torres León, Alejandro Concha, Daniela Wallfiguer Belmar | Research and documentary script: Verónica Neira Alcavil, David Arancibia Urzúa | Chiflón del Diablo producer: Fabián Flores Maturana | Assistant producer: Juan Ríos Molina | General producers: David Arancibia Urzúa - Dramaturgia Clandestina | Codirected by: Verónica Neira Alcavil | Artistic director: David Arancibia Urzúa.

David Arancibia Urzúa


This playwright and theater director has written La Sagrada Historia del Reyno de Shile, ¡Monitos Culiaos!, Awkarayen (re escritura despojada), Oveja Negra (...o la muerte de chile) and Ñuke, among others. He is artistic director of Dramaturgia Clandestina, a workshop-laboratory, theatrical research group and publishing house founded in Concepción and which has premiered the virtual production 40 días and the theater play Grisú (esta obra no está terminada). The latter was part of the Escenario Compartido 2021 digital platform and was premiered at the Artistas del Acero venue in Concepción in September 2021.

Heine Mix Toro


This actor, director and playwright played an important role in helping to understand Chilean theater between the fifties and seventies. He made his debut as an actor in La Fierecilla Domada with Víctor Jara and was an outstanding teacher at different theater schools in the country. He was an important reference for theater activity in the Biobío region for people such as Ximena Ramírez, the Villagra brothers and Lientur Rojas. He worked as assistant director to and then as a director with Atahualpa del Cioppo at the University of Concepción Theater, directing Vida e morte de Severina, Ñucanchic Huasipungo and Grisú.

Heine Mix Toro passed away from Covid-19 on November 23, 2021 at the Limache Hospital.


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