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By Colectiva Cirkeras de Tarapacá, Cindy Faúndez and Katherine Gómez


  • Spanish
  • 35 to 40 minutes
  • Todo público

This creation showcases different circus disciplines, inspired by the love between Gabriela Mistral and Doris Dana.

A play inspired by Gabriela Mistral's compiled letters do Doris Dana, Niña Errante (Wandering Girl) depicts the relationship between the Nobel Prize-winning poet and Doris Dana, her secretary and companion during the last years of her life.

Errantes is a creation that intertwines two plots: the love story between Gabriela Mistral and Doris Dana, and that of a young female postal employee who one day on her daily arrives at the poet's house.

Body poetry and circus techniques merge in this play to create a discourse that seeks to unite past and present time, reestablishing the issues and questionings of the LGTBIQ+ community.

Cast and crew

By Colectiva Cirkeras de Tarapacá | Director: Katherine Gómez | Dramaturges: Cindy Faúndez and Katherine Gómez | Assistant director: Cindy Faúndez | General manager and producer: Camila Bruna-Garrido | Scenic designers: Claudia Campos and Valeria Pasarotti | Height staging technician: Nicole Peña | Performers: Anyeli Olmos, Barbara Valenzuela, Camila Pérez, Starlight Serrano, Natalia Toro, Camila Águila and María Fernanda Ayala | Musical director: Iris Rojas | Singers: Susana Varela and Guiselle Fernández

Katherine Gómez


Katherine Gómez is a transdisciplinary artist who works at the crossroads of dance, circus art, music and performance. She wrote and directed Elena Caffaren Pro-Emancipación Femenina, a circus-theater show by Colectiva Cirkeras de Tarapacá, and Errantes. In 2011, she founded the transdisciplinary collective La Maricona, carrying out performative actions as well as plays based on theatre and movement such as Pitekun, Atentado and Paseo En Interior. In 2017, Katherine joined the international theater company La Fuga and later the company En la Cuerda, where she performs as a trapeze artist, actress and teacher.

Cindy Faúndez


Cindy Faúndez is a circus artist, dramaturge, cultural manager and producer. She wrote the plays Elena Caffarena Pro-Emancipación Femenina and Errantes, both by Colectiva Cirkeras de Tarapacá, among other roles. She develops performances and choreographies for presentations in the Northern Chilean region of Tarapacá, and also was the dramaturge of the play 4 Puertas, premiered in 2021 at the Re-Vive la Cultura Festival. As a cultural manager, she has developed numerous projects across the region, seeking to to grant professional visibility to circus artists and artists from other areas of the performing arts.

Colectiva Cirkeras de Tarapacá

The company

"La grupa", as they define themselves (pun of the male-only Spanish noun “el grupo”), arises from the need to grant visibility for and promote the work of circus women in the Tarapacá Region. Formed in Iquique in 2020, the collective specializes in management, production, creation and tour arrangements of cultural, social and pedagogical artistic projects, circus and audiovisual performing arts. The artistic cast and the technical and the management team are entirely female: jugglers, aerialists, tightrope walkers, illusionists, acrobats, clowns, actresses, magicians, assembly technicians and makeup artists amongst many others.

—Because it highlights the dissident reality of the LGTBIQ+ community and proposes a new look at love that is transversal to everyone, beyond heteronomy.

—Because since it is based on the book Niña Errante. Letters to Doris Dana, by the poet Gabriela Mistral, it allows us to learn more about the work and a special chapter in the personal life of the Chilean Nobel Prize winner.

—Because the circus scenic art developed by Colectiva Cirkeras de Tarapacá integrates multiple techniques common to this discipline, such as juggling, aerial, hair suspension, acrobatics, clowning, body expression and singing, to name only a few.

Librotea, the recommended readings section of the Spanish newspaper El País, wrote about Gabriela Mistral's Niña Errante (Wandering Girl): "In addition to illuminating hitherto veiled aspects of Gabriela Mistral's life, this book also tells the story of an era. It allows for new approaches to the Chilean poet's work. This extraordinary epistolary allows us to appreciate all the nuances of their affective and intellectual relationship, the powerful bond that united the Chilean Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral with Doris Dana, her friend, secretary, companion of her last days and, finally, executor of her literary and material estate.” (https://librotea.elpais.com/libros/nina-errante/ )



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