January 27th, San Javier

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En tus zapatos

By Compañía de Teatro Re-vuelta and Compañía Teatro Kalé


  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
  • Todo público

A theatrical recreation that invites us to reflect on our existence and how we relate to each other.

Desired shoes, terrible shoes, a river of shoes. In this montage -a collective creation-, the companies Re-vuelta and Teatro Kalé reflect about the concept of shoes as a symbolic element for storytelling.

En Tus Zapatos reveals different outlooks based on the biographies of the performers. They build their stories around a premise that runs through the entire creation: to put themselves in each other´s shoes in order not to judge one another, and to better understand different realities.

By intertwining the plot with the classic children's tale, The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Andersen, the focus lies on the idea that vanity and arrogance do not allow us to empathize with each other’s pain.

Through the use of audiovisual projections, dance phrases and different layers of representation, a theatrical recreation emerges, inviting us to reflect, in a poetical way, about our own existence and how we relate to others.

Cast and crew

By Compañía de Teatro Re-vuelta and Compañía Teatro Kalé | Stage director: Eugenio Negrete | Dramaturgues: Sebastián Leal and María Elena Bahamondes | Choreographer: Ángeles Katalinic | Performers: Sebastián Leal, María Elena Bahamondes, Eugenio Negrete and Ángeles Katalinic | Artistic mentor: Fernando Rubio (Argentina).

©Jesús Ignacio Bahamondes

Compañía de teatro Re-vuelta


The company came together in 2008, in the Southern Chilean town of Curicó to stage a play for children, Jazmín, which they toured in rural communities on the outskirts of the city. Since then, Re-vuelta has developed their own set of plays such as No Es-tacional, El Gran Pez, and Duchenne.

Between 2016 and 2018, they carried out storytelling performances in different places throughout the province of Curicó.

Their latest production, Corazones Solitarios, was presented in January 2020 at the “Curicó al Teatro” festival, with an excellent reception by both critics and the general audience.

The company´s members are Eugenio Negrete, María Elena Bahamondes and Mauricio Valderrama, although the latter does not participate in En Tus Zapatos.

©Celeste Toledo

Compañía Teatro Kalé


The company was founded in 2002 in La Serena, with the objective of creating a space where languages and poetics for theatrical representation can be explored. Teatro Kalé incorporates three vital pillars in its creations: the dramatic text, the body in movement, and theater as a phenomenon that brings people together through interpellation and communication. Their plays include La Otra Educación, Eso Sobre la Mesa, Hamlet and Ofelia Fuera de Contexto, Clase Abierta and Territorio Nuestro.

Sebastián Leal and Ángeles Katalinic are both members of Teatro Kalé.

—Because the play -with its own dramaturgy and collective creation-, highlights the concept of empathy within the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. And it delivers an important message: we must put ourselves in each other's shoes in order not to judge, and to better understand different realities.

—Because in its staging it uses languages such as the audiovisual projections, dance phrases and different layers of representation, playing with reality and fiction. At times the actors and their own stories are observed, combined with those of the characters, entering and leaving the set.




January 27th, San Javier