21.10.2019 | News


|.As the Teatro a Mil Foundation, dedicated to culture and the arts, we firmly believe in the demands made over these last few days. We have joined in the widespread and transversal protests, taking to the streets for a better, fairer and more inclusive society. Although some advances have been made to reduce poverty in and modernize the country, the Chilean people have had to live for decades with a neoliberal economic model that has created overwhelming inequality, without providing either for basic needs or opportunities for development. In fact, it’s worsened the individualism that has been destroying the fabric of society, so important to our democratic coexistence. Changes to this model are urgently needed.

2.Because we believe that this is a crucial time for Chile - both complex and hopeful, since the people’s voice is stronger than ever - we both support and have taken part in the large-scale peaceful demonstrations.

3.Out of respect for our historical memory and our hard-won democracy, we’re protesting because we believe it’s essential to end the State of Emergency and stop the extreme violence. It’s crucial that our freedoms be restored and that peaceful demonstrations are respected, in order to regain the trust of all sectors and start a dialogue for change, including debate on real social reforms and the beginnings of a Constituent Assembly.

4.Like many other theaters, museums and cultural centers in Santiago and other regions, we’ve had to cancel functions these last few days, not only as a way of keeping our artists and audiences safe but also as a form of protest and support at a time when reality has surpassed fiction. We’re hopeful that things will be back to normal soon, so we can once again come together in the public areas that are as diverse and open to dialogue as theaters.

5.Since we work in culture, we’d like to reiterate and insist on the arts’ power to provide opportunities for dialogue and reflection, as well as their collective strength, which is a driving force for cohesion, coming together and democratic coexistence. We’re willing and ready to collaborate with other social, civil and cultural organizations to both have an impact on and be part of the change. For a fairer, more inclusive and more democratic society, today - more than ever - we must be united and act.

Since we reject any kind of violence, we make an urgent call for dialogue so that together we can create the country we‘ve always dreamed of.

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